$75 M

Annual Value Delivered for
One 25+Hospital IDN Client

> 20

Successful Hospital
Supply Chain Integrations

$3 B

Spend Under Management

What We Do

Pensiamo partners with healthcare providers to reduce costs and improve operating margins by achieving a higher level of supply chain performance. We are experienced healthcare operators who provide expertise, skilled resources and managed services to transform our client’s operations and deliver breakthrough results.

In today’s rapidly shifting healthcare landscape, hospitals and health systems are increasingly challenged to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes without sacrificing the quality of care. Pensiamo helps healthcare providers transform their supply chain operations to overcome these challenges and succeed in an increasingly value-based care environment.

Pensiamo is not a GPO or a general consulting firm. We are a professional services company built to serve the specific supply chain needs of healthcare providers. Our vision is healthcare transformation through supply chain elevation.

Quick Facts

More than 160 Talented Professionals

Experienced Operators with Deep Healthcare Supply Chain Expertise.

Cost Saving Operational Improvements

P2P Examples: 92% On-Time Payments and Total AP Cost per Invoice of $0.99 versus $2.00, $3.00, and $5.50 for benchmark comparables from The Hackett Group.

What We're Doing

August, 2017
Healthcare Provider M&A: Don't Forget the Supply Chain

There is a growing requirement for devoted supply chain M&A integration resources and expertise… And, deploying those resources will accelerate the supply chain benefits associated with M&A activity, pulling millions of dollars in cost savings forward.



November, 2016
Pensiamo Provides Tailored Cognitive Approach in Healthcare Supply Chain Management

In today’s dynamic environment, providers face mounting pressure to improve the effectiveness of patient care while controlling costs…

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