BLOG: Pensiamo on National Healthcare Supply Chain Week

This year’s National Healthcare Supply Chain Week theme is Healthcare Supply Chain: Advancing Exceptional Outcomes. AHRMM clearly defines the current imperative for providers: “In today’s rapidly shifting healthcare landscape, hospitals and health systems are increasingly challenged to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes without sacrificing the quality of care.”

Supply chain plays a pivotal role in meeting these demands, which are essential to provider survival in an environment transitioning to value-based care. As experienced operators from the front lines of healthcare, Pensiamo is uniquely qualified to help providers address these challenges head on. Our vision is healthcare transformation through supply chain elevation and we aspire to be the trusted partner of providers striving to achieve a higher level of supply chain performance. A level that positions them for greater success in a value-based healthcare setting.

And that is why I am very excited about the value Pensiamo can create for providers through two of our leading supply chain service offerings: M&A Integration and Source-to-Pay.

Healthcare M&A activity is at an all-time high as the industry consolidates into fewer systems. Pensiamo’s M&A Integration offering enables providers to unlock the value of supply chain synergies faster through accelerated system consolidation. We provide dedicated resources to focus exclusively on supply chain integration activities that yield significant operational cost savings for our clients. With over two decades of experience integrating more than 20 hospitals, we have developed proven methodologies that rapidly streamline operations and drive millions of dollars in cost savings.

Pensiamo’s Source-to-Pay offering begins with Strategic Sourcing services that enable providers to establish supply channels that provide the best overall value and reduce their total cost of purchased goods and services without sacrificing the quality of care. Our Procure-to-Pay (P2P) service then streamlines transactional processes to reduce operating costs, increase compliance, and improve the overall purchasing experience for provider facilities. Taken in total, Source-to-Pay provides the end-to-end cost reduction approach that hospitals and IDNs need to succeed in the evolving healthcare landscape.

At Pensiamo, every one of our service offerings are designed to address critical supply chain challenges and advance exceptional outcomes for our clients and the patients they serve. Which brings me back to the original topic of this post…

During National Healthcare Supply Chain Week, we are afforded the opportunity to take a moment to acknowledge our peers, our colleagues and our clients for their dedication to the profession. I encourage everyone in healthcare supply chain to join their peers nationwide to promote the profession and reflect on the important role they play every day in transforming healthcare.

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