Case Studies

Promotional Products

This initiative was launched by Supply Chain Management, now Pensiamo, Inc., to consolidate purchases of UPMC branded promotional products for four large, key stakeholder groups ordering from over 20 suppliers into a single eMarketplace site. The primary goals were to optimize the supplier base, mitigate risk of diluting UPMC’s brand, and drive system wide savings. Read more to learn more about risk factors, implementation and supplier relationship management.

Managed Print Services

Supply Chain Management at UPMC, now Pensiamo, Inc., entered into its first Managed Print Services (MPS) contract with the incumbent in 2007. In many ways the program was a huge success, realizing extraordinary savings by reducing its printer/copier by 60%. The program was viewed organizationally as a failure stemming from the fact that the program wasn’t built around the unique needs of a hospital system. Read how internal analysis and lessons learned led to an additional 27% savings and greater efficiencies.