White Papers

Innovations in Healthcare Supply Chain

The Struggle to Manage Rising Pharmacy Costs

Pharmaceutical spending comprises a significant portion of the overall healthcare budget in the United States, with yearly rates of inflation often exceeding 10%.  Healthcare executives continue to be pressured to reform their organizations to remain financially viable, but traditional cost-cutting measures are no longer sufficient in a market increasingly focused on value. By elevating pharmacy supply chain, savvy organizations have maintained drug cost inflation at record low levels. Download this white paper to learn how Pensiamo helps healthcare providers optimize their pharmacy supply chain to minimize inflationary impacts.

Integrating Healthcare Supply Chain Operations

Capitalize on M&A Integration Savings Opportunities

The primary challenge for a healthcare provider involved in a merger or acquisition is effectively integrating disparate hospitals, cultures and systems. Since its initial M&A integration engagement nearly two decades ago, Pensiamo has completed more than 20 hospital integrations, consolidated billions of dollars’ of spend, and helped its clients unlock the value of a fully integrated supply chain. Download this white paper and learn how Pensiamo executed a challenging M&A supply chain integration and accelerated the time to benefit for the client.